A little history

Yes, ever since I was 11 years old I have been watching Jeopardy! First on NBC at noon on weekdays, hosted by the late Art Fleming and announced by Don Pardo, better known to most of you as the announcer for SNL for all but its disastrous sixth season. The show went off the air in 1975, and was revived in 1984 with Alex Trebec as host and Johnny Gilbert as announcer. (Fleming hosted an evening version in the late 70’s, SuperJeopardy!) Trebec had once been on NBC in the morning following Hollywood Squares, hosting “High Rollers” with Ruta Lee helping out.

I have been a trivia fiend all my life. When Trivial Pusuit hit the market in 1983 or therabouts, I was thrilled. And when Jeopardy! returned to the air, I began wondering how I could get on the show. Traveling to L.A. for an audition proved too difficult, and when they began taking auditions on the road, I waited patiently for them to come to my town. But alas, when they did, I did not make the cut for the randomly selected list of auditioners.

Earlier this year, my break came. The show announced a one time online test, to be held over the course of three nights, different time zones each night. I signed up right away and at the appointed hour took the 50 question test. My best guess is I got 45 of the 50 questions right.

Again I knew luck would be involved, because of those who received a high score on the test, the limited number of auditioners would be chosen at random. When I took the test, I also had to select an audtion city, in the event I would be selected. All I knew about timing was “during the summer,” and I picked Orlando Florida.

I hoped I would be picked, but had my doubts, so did not give it another thought.

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