Meeting Dar Williams; Upcoming Podcast

Mary Elisabeth, my younger daughter, introduced me to Dar Williams songs about two years ago. She knew I am a big fan of Sarah McLachlan and thought I’d like another singer/songwriter with a distinctive voice. She was right – I love Dar’s music. I only have two of her albums so far, but I will be building my collection. My favorite pieces are “When I Was a Boy,” “The Great Unknown,” “The Christians and the Pagans,” and “Flinty Kind of Woman.”

Every July 4th weekend Durham holds a Festival for the Eno River at the West Point on the Eno City Park. Three weeks ago Mary told me Dar Williams would be performing. Yesterday we went and listed to her first set, at the Orchard Stage. Dar was terrific. She played about 10 songs in just under an hour. In between numbers she was humorous and a little self-deprecating. When she finished our family went backstage and introduced ourselves to her; Mary gave her a hug. Pick up one of her albums!

My good friend, Jim Milles, director of the law library at the University at Buffalo, produces a podcast called “Check this Out.” Jim discusses matters relating to law librarianship, podcasting, adn some other topics. Next week he will be doing nightly casts from the American Association of Law Libraries annual meeting in St. Louis. He has invited a few friend, including yours truly, to join him, so give a listen.

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  1. That’s so cool–that you got to meet Dar Williams! I especially love her earlier albums too. Maybe I should write her and ask if I can play “Southern California Wants to Be Western New York” on my podcast….

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