Long time, no post….

Greetings faithful reader(s),
You deserve an update. I was confident that I did poorly on the 2008 online test, and in fact I was not contacted for an interview last year. I missed the 2009 opportunity. It was held the week of January 26th, which is exactly when we moved from Durham to the Cincinnati area, Miami Township in Clermont County to be exact. We had no Internet, cable TV, or VOIP for nearly a week. So no test taken. On top of that, the worst snow the area had seen in some time started the night we arrived, followed two days later by an ice storm. So my quest is deferred until 2010.

In the meantime, I am considering starting a separate blog, with more frequent entries. Trying to decide whether to make it on a few specific topics, or whether to hold forth on topics of the day.

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