Tonight’s THE Night!

Tonight the culmination of my nearly lifelong dream will air across the country on the television stations that carry Jeopardy! My family will be watching from North Carolina, with new grandson Michael likely being passed around the living room. I’ll be watching with many of my UC Law colleagues and friends at a restaurant up the street. Today I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mike Allen, who was filling in for Bill Cunningham on WLW radio. I’ve made the audio clip available below, as I think doing so falls within fair use. I hope you can watch tonight!!!

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  1. My jaw dropped as soon as I recognized you, Ken, from over here in California! I watch Jeopardy religiously with my grandparents while I cook them dinner. Just surprised that I recognized someone, but when I processed that it was none other than Ken Hirsh from the UC Law Library, it was no surprise.

    Amazing victory in final Jeopardy!!! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night!

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